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The Best kept secret for your meditation

If you have tried meditating at some point in your life, at your own pace and risk without the help of a more expert meditator, you might have given up altogether.

If you’ve persisted, it’s possible you’ve joined a class, read a book, et…

The “school” of meditation you might have chosen, would have probably depended on your meditation goal: do you want to meditate to become a better person? to increase your levels of spirituality? to reduce stress?

Whatever the form of meditation you practice, it’s quite possible that your mind insists on being so restless that you find yourself forced to stop.

It is also very likely that you think there is something wrong with you that prevents you from meditating.



The above happened to me as well and had me very worried.

I was convinced that after so many years meditating I had not moved ahead at all.

Until one day, I listened to Jan Chozen Bays saying that after 30 years meditating, her mind still wandered once in a while when meditating.

If it happens to someone like her, a Buddhist nun and a “professional” meditator, I should stop worrying about my mind’s obsession to wander off during my meditations.

My biggest mistake was thinking that my mind would stop at some point and be left blank.

I was wrong.

My mind, yours and you neighbour’s mind will be moving continuously because that’s the nature of our thinking.


Check out this video and you’ll find out.

The Fly



The worst thing we can do with our thought is to fight them.

That’s the secret of meditation: DON’T FIGHT!

To meditate is to observe, without judging. It’s a question of repeating this work over and over again and when the mind starts to wander, quietly and lovingly bring it back to the observation.

We all assume that if we want to get in shape we must practice exercise and give ourselves some time to build our muscles. We also understand that if we don’t practice often we will lose our fitness levels.

The same applies to meditation, which is nothing but a training of the mind.

If your abdominal muscles aren’t strong enough, when you do abdominal exercises, you will feel the pain. The same happens when you start to meditate – your mind is used to wander off at its leisure and does what it wants to do.

It’s only a matter of patience and persistence.

As they say, those that don’t master their mind, are mastered by it.


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