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Welcome to AinhoaCampo.com

Welcome !


This blog is dedicated to those of you who want to take the reins of their life and make your ideas come true.

We will take care of our talents and coach ourselves so that we can reach our goals.

What you will find here:

  • My own experience in coaching myself
  • Ideas on how to use your talents and get your goals
  • Proposals to develop new talents

This blog is not written from a scientific point of view. This is not the force that drives me. What I am proposing is that we experiment together. Some ideas will be great for you, others will just feel warm but not hot enough, others will feel too cold for you.

We do not know the truth of all things. What suits a person is poison for another one.

There is no problem in that. The only problem that I can think of , is trying to reach something without knowing what we need for the journey and where we are heading to.

So if this is the blog for you, welcome!!

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See you soon

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